Fireplaces Indoor and Outdoor

Fireplaces Indoor/Outdoor

FireplaceThere are rules for inside and outside fireplaces.  Make the wrong choice and it can cost you money and it may not be installed to code.  The code is different between propane and natural gas use. Barbecue Doctor has the knowledge to listen to your requirements and install a solution that is “value for money”.


Fireplace not working?

Give it to the Barbecue Doctor. We have worked on many fireplaces (inside and out) and we get them working.  Many times it is just a clog caused by spiders and spider nests.  We know where to look to get your unit back in operation.

Remote not working?

Maybe the remote is not working.  We can investigate this and find out what is causing the unit not to work.

Switch not working?

Turn the switch on and nothing happens? We are experts in fireplaces.  There are many differences in how fire places work so we need to trouble shoot the unit on site.  We will locate your problem and fix it.

Fireplace logs and fire place full of soot?

Barbecue Doctor - Outdoor FireplaceIf there is an inordinate amount of carbon soot on your fireplace logs or fireplace walls is a problem.   This symptom says that your air to fuel mixture is not set properly for the fuel you are using.

Barbecue Doctor can help. We will trouble shoot the fire place and let you know what is wrong and then fix it.  We can wash the logs and take the soot off the walls to bring back the original surface.

Fireplace looks drab?

Over the years, the vermiculite and ember glow will burn down and not look good anymore.  We can take away the old vermiculite and emberglow and put in new material that will make your fireplace look good again.

Fireplace Cleaning

We also clean gas fireplaces. We remove all the logs, clean the inside surrounds, the glass doors, the logs themselves and reset up the fire place. We add new emberglow and vermiculite to refresh the fireplace and make it glow brightly again. We are great at getting soot and carbon off the logs and the back of the fire place.

Need replacement components?

Need to replace the logs?  Want a different type of log arrangement? Need a log grate? Want to put in a pilot assembly?  Or maybe you need a complete log set.  We provide this service. We will come to your house and discuss your requirements.  We will also make you knowledgeable abut burner assemblies and log sets.

Call us before you do anything!


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