Gas Conversions

Gas Conversions

Barbecue Doctor converts barbecues and side burners from propane to natural gas and vice versa.  We have done over 200 conversions.  We will convert any barbecue from one fuel to the other.

Tired of changing propane tanks?

We convert barbecues and side burners from Propane to Natural Gas and the reverse.

Broken Natural gas line?

The cost of installing a new natural gas line is astronomical.  Why not just convert the barbecue to propane?


Have a natural gas stub out in your back yard and your grill uses propane? We can help you connect your grill to the stub-out.

Tank too heavy?

Why take your empty propane tank to the store for a refill and then lug the filled tank back to the house and hook it up. Change to natural gas if a stub out is available.

Call the Barbecue Doctor first!  We can help!


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