Patio Heaters and Fire Pits

Patio Heaters / Fire pits


Patio HeaterMajor Problem

The major problem with patio heaters is that spiders love the taste of propane and natural gas. They lay their eggs usually in the valve orifices and his cuts off fuel to the burner and it won’t light.   We know exactly where to find these little guys.  Call the Barbecue Doctor.  We can fix it.

Value for Money

Patio HeaterThe Barbecue Doctor charges a set fee for labor for getting your patio heater working.  If we can’t fix it, we charge you nothing, no trip charge, no labor….nothing.  It is our way of saying that we don’t want any money if we don’t fix your problem. Parts are additional.

Patio Heater Maintenance

When the weather gets cold and you have a bunch or gaggle of patio heaters, we charge differently to check them out.  We will perform maintenance on them and get them ready for a long cool winter. Call the Barbecue Doctor early in the season to get your unit (s) operational and safe.


Major Problem

Barbecue Doctor - FirepitUsually, when a fire pit is installed, the installer uses an inexpensive iron ring and over time it rots and another ring is required.  Half of the time, the fire pit ring is also installed upside down which contributes to the rusting. We use stainless fire pit rings only so that for just a few more dollars, this will probably be the last fire pit ring you will replace.

Fire for Effect

Fire PitBarbecue Doctor will install a new fire pit ring but as important, we set up your fire pit so that it maximizes the flame to give you the best effect possible in flame height and looks.  This takes into consideration the size of the ring and the height of the ring in the pit.  We place the new fire pit ring perfectly in the fire pit to give you the best flame and not blow out.

Call the Barbecue Doctor before you do anything else! 480-437-1227

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