Barbecue Doctor is
Arizona’s Outdoor Kitchen Specialist.

Barbecue Doctor can repair, clean, restore or replace
any appliance in your outdoor kitchen.

We have cleaned thousands of barbecues in the Arizona Valley.

Let Barbecue Doctor perform a service for you and see why we are the PREFERRED REPAIRER for 12 grill manufacturers for warranty and non-warranty work!

The Barbecue Doctor Company services 90% of Maricopa County. We continue to grow over time and our plan is to service all of Maricopa County. When you call, there is an excellent chance that you are probably in one of our service districts.

Barbecue Doctor staff are experts n the cleaning, repair and restoration of barbecues in the Arizona Valley. We service all types of barbecues. We have serviced thousands of barbecues since starting the company in 2003.

We previously serviced other ancillary appliances such as fire pits and fireplaces. Due to the Covid pandemic, we have had to focus on barbecues currently due to not being able to hire employees and a significant increase in barbecue servicing.

We have a great varmint proofing service to keep pesky pack-rats out of the barbecue. If we can see all inside corners of the island, we may be able to close the island to pack rats. Normally, we ask you to get your pest control company to close the island from these pesky critters.

Explain your situation to us.
The Barbecue Doctor will solve your problems.