Barbecue Doctor Inc. is focused currently on the cleaning and repair of barbecues and side burners; in addition to the purchase and installation of new barbecues, side burners, access doors and cabinets.

We have put fireplaces, fire pits and patio heaters on hold due to lack of qualified staff. We may restart this part of the business in the future.

Barbecue Doctor does a complete installation process. We will come to your house and give you an estimate. If you are not a prior customer, we have a small charge for this but it goes directly to the bottom line if the job goes forward.

Don’t know which barbecue?
Talk to the Barbecue Doctor. We are not a store so we have access to every make and model barbecue that is manufactured. We can show you barbecues based on your specifications and price range. We can measure your island and let you know which barbecue grill best suits your needs. We try to minimize island modifications as this is just labor. At times, we may recommend a better barbecue that fits in the existing cut-out and minimize the modifications required.

Back yard development
As a customer of ours, we are available to help you ensure your island and barbecue are installed to Maricopa County gas requirements. Some of the requirements are island venting, type of pipe being used underground and other mandatory requirements.

One-stop shopping experience.
We can help you find the right barbecue grill for your island. We are not a store so we are not limited to a few types of barbecues. We can take your specifications, measure your island and let you know which barbecue grill (of all the various makes and models on the market) best suits your needs. We take installation costs and grill price into consideration from the beginning.