Who We Are

Barbecue Doctor started as a family business. We grew to have five vehicles in two years, stocked with parts and supplies to complete most any job at one visit. The trucks start from different areas of the Arizona Valley. Each truck performs three to five jobs daily depending on the amount of the requested service. Currently we have 9 trucks in the fleet.

Cleaning and Repair
This is our signature business. We clean and repair most appliances that have a blue flame. We clean and repair barbecues and most side burners.

Barbecue Doctor is a full service shop. We will show you different barbecues depending on your cost and requirements, pick it up and deliver it to the customer’s site and complete the install. We will also take the old unit to the dump if this is required.

Work Force
Our workforce includes the owner Pat, his son Jim, and Pat’s grandson Chris in addition to a group of great technicians and Pat’s wife Sandy who performs the back office activities and manages the scheduling staff of three.

Business Philosophy
Barbecue Doctor is based on a high quality of workmanship, honesty, integrity and respect for our customers in addition to performing “value for service”. If we do not add value to your life, we do not invoice you.

Detail stuff
Pat and Sandy moved from New York to Australia with their company for a substantial period of time. Pat spent much of his time in Australia working for a major barbecue manufacturer where he learned the A to Z of barbecues. They returned to the US and established Arizona as their new residence. Pat had retired twice already and decided to start up Barbecue Doctor because there was a need for this service in the Arizona Valley. Barbecue Doctor commenced servicing customers in April of 2003. We now have over 8,000 customers and the capacity to handle over 60 service calls every week. Every month 70% of our business is from past customers with around 15% of our new customers coming from referrals from our customer base. Our repeat customers are generally serviced on an annual, semi-annual or on an “as required” basis. This is the best reference we can think of.

We are a “mobile” operation, and can readily service the various geographical areas within Maricopa County. We service all types of barbecues regardless of the manufacturer and can normally supply most required parts from our trucks.

We come to you! Remember, don’t replace it until you call the Barbecue Doctor!