Have you had your barbecue grill cleaned recently?


Cleaning a barbecue grill is a very dirty chore. Customers that try to clean it will concentrate on the cooking grids because this is where the food lays. This is not the problem. The critical part of the cleaning is below the cooking grids. When burners clog, there is a good chance for a thermal event. Now this gets expensive to fix!

A Complete Job

Because barbecue cleaning is an onerous job, many do it halfheartedly. Barbecue Doctor does a complete job for you. We take everything out of the grill and clean it from the bottom up. We tear the barbecue apart and get the grease and food residue out of the unit. Cleaning is really important, not just from a hygienic viewpoint but to improve the longevity of the grill and prevent thermal events and flameouts.

Clean how often?

We have customers who use us every three, four and/or six months and others who use us annually. It depends on usage. We do recommend a cleaning every year and ask you to check the grill every six months.

Humidity one major culprit

Because it is so dry in Arizona, the burner holes will start to close due to normal oxidation. When the flow of fuel going into the burner is more than can be expended by the flame, the fuel will back up and find fuel, flame and oxygen behind the front panel and cause a fire in the face panel. This causes the valves to seize up and the components to melt. At this stage all of the noted components need replacement.

Cleaning Process

We have tried all types of processes, including steam cleaning, and find that the best way to clean a barbecue is using old-fashioned elbow grease along with some good products and processes unique to our trade. Steam cleaning is messy and to do this properly, we would need to take your barbecue out of your island, steam clean it and re-install the unit. This is a very expensive process. We do have a specialized cleaning process that we have improved every year since the company started in 2003.

Special Attention

Cooking grids get specialized attention. No one makes the grill look brand new, but we come really close. We go as far with our service as you would like. Just mention it to us. If you want the underside of the hood cleaned especially well we will do that. Our job is to satisfy you.

Follow up

We follow up with you annually to see if you would like a service call. If you are not ready for a cleaning, it at least reminds you to check your barbecue. Through the years, we have found that if your grill is not cleaned annually, you will start to have problems with the burners which cause “hot spots”. We give recommendations but in the end, you are the customer and we will follow your directions to the letter as long as no safety or regulatory requirements are by-passed.


We only use green products. They will not hurt the environment or pets or animals. When we leave, all you need to do is run the grill for 10 minutes and then you are ready to cook.

Great Staff

Perhaps the best part of our service is our friendly technicians and office staff. They are there to please and will give you helpful hints about how to maintain the grill in-between cleanings. Ask them anything!

cleaning a barbecue