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The Barbecue Doctor - Barbecue ImageBarbecue Doctor does a complete installation process.  We will come to your house and give you a free estimate.  We will purchase the barbecue, pick it up, deliver it to your house and install it …or any part there of. Barbecue Doctor will also perform the same for side burners, cabinets, doors inside fireplaces, outside fireplaces and fire pits.

Each installation varies in complexity. We have expertise in all of these areas.

Don’t know which barbecue?

The Barbecue Doctor - Barbecue ImageTalk to the Barbecue Doctor.  We are not a store so we have access to every make and model barbecue that is manufactured.  We can show you barbecues based on your specifications and price range.  We can measure your island and let you know which barbecue grill best suits your needs. We try and get you to minimize the island modifications to get a better barbecue.


When redeveloping your back yard, it is important to get your contractor to agree to the details such as “are you using underground pipe”?  There are many others such as venting your barbecue island.  Barbecue Doctor can help with this.

One-stop shopping experience.

The Barbecue Doctor - Barbecue ImageWe can help you find the right barbecue grill for your island. We are not a store so we are not limited to a few types of barbecues. We can take your specifications, measure your island and let you know which barbecue grill (of all the various makes and models on the market) best suits your needs. We take installation costs and grill price into consideration from the beginning.


We work on small tiling jobs that do not fit a contractor.  Barbecue Doctor can repair an island or fully tile a small island.  If it is something that you need, we will endeavor to price it and do the work.

Written Estimates

For restorations, we always give the customer a written estimate. We believe that the best relationship between a customer and Barbecue Doctor is “no surprises”.  When you receive the invoice, you will be content and happy that we delivered everything we said would be delivered.

Make Barbecue Doctor your first and last stop when you decide to replace your barbecue. 480-437-1227

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