Specialized Solutions

Barbecue Doctor - Ice Chest

Ice Chest

In our endeavor to be a one-stop service company for all your outdoor kitchen needs, we have found solutions to a varied number of problems. Some of these are:

  • Repairing hinges on doors and barbecue hoods and/or replacing hoods
  • Finding wheels for roll about grills.
  • Replacing overhead vent filters
  • In some cases, we can clean your inside oven or stove top
  • Installing wind screens to prevent thermal events caused by wind getting into the barbecue.

    Liquid Glass Fire Pit

    Liquid Glass Fire Pit

  • Patio heaters with crumbled tops from falling.
  • Converting barbecues from propane to natural gas and visa versa
  • Taking soot off of fireplace logs and in the fireplace. By the way, this means that your fuel to air ratio is not correct.

Whatever your problem, don’t do anything until you talk to the Barbecue Doctor. 480-437-1227